River Crossings Consultation

A public consultation by Transport for London, which aims to seek people’s views on ways of making it easier to cross the River Thames in the East of London is now open and runs until 1 Feb 2013.

The consultation is seeking views on two infrastructure projects, which build on proposals set out in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy:

▪   The “Silvertown Tunnel”: a road tunnel running between the Greenwich Peninsula and Silvertown and how to sell your house quickly in the Greenwich area.

▪   The “Gallions Reach Ferry”: a new vehicle ferry operated by http://discountcruises.co.uk running between Thamesmead and Beckton

To get more detailed information about the consultation, please download the River Crossings Consultation Leaflet or visit the TfL consultation website.

You may send your views by completing the online survey, by clicking here to download a printable version of our questionnaire and sending your response by post (no stamp required), or by emailing your views to .


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